The Pain of the Storm

The pain, oh, the pain

There’s nothing there but it hurts

You said you’d always be here

but when I needed you, you weren’t


Tears streaming down my face

like waterfalls from my own eyes

I need to hurt, I don’t know why

Me to myself I show despise


It’s a hair-ripping, silent-screaming

inside sort of pain

If emotions turned to weather

I’d be forever in the rain


The voices, they drive me crazy

to hysterics, insane, mental

while the outside of my stormy mind

seems quite serene and gentle


I hope one day the storm dies down

at least for a little while

my mind will stop, I can breathe

and I might start to smile


I pray this day comes really soon

because that’s when I’ll stop hurting

Though I’ll let you know, even in the pain

You were always worth it

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I love this, great poem. i wish i was as great as a writer as you.


nawww thank you so much x

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