The pain in our world

I carved words into my arms,

I cut in many types of lines!

You could write a book with the scars,

You could fill a pool with the blood!


I endured so much pain,

I dont understand the point of the game!

You could find the victims,

They might still be sick then...


What's the point of living?


People tell us to learn,

But what do we earn?!


There's a door that won't open,

But when you walk through it, it closes then!

The scars keep adding up,

On the inside you're ready to give up!


What's there to look ahead at,

When your past took flight like a bat?

I wish I could see the point,

But all I see is the boy...

This poem is about: 
Our world



I haven't made a poem in a while so please don't criticize...

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