Pain Brings Beauty.

She holds her head high,

Walking through the campus as if nothing had just happened.

Her heart is heavy, while her mind clear.


She holds her head high,

She will never tell you what happened,

But her eyes say everything.

Beautiful, vibrant, green eyes with gold flecks.

She doesn't know, but I see her.


She holds her head high,

But the tale of two lives is held in that pretty little head.

Waiting to be released, wishing they could come out.

She hasn't found a safe person to tell, but she can tell me.


She holds her head high,

but she doesn't acknowledge that she's dying inside.

Her exterior is her saving grace- the only thing she can control.

I know what goes on inside, and someday I'll drive it out.


She holds her head higher,

Allowing the pain to be expressed.

Speaking finally.

We are one.


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