Pain And Suffering

Blood, sweat and tears

As fear lurks in the shadows

Blood dripping down your leg

As it stains the sheets

Crying out in pain and agony

But yet your screams for help 

Are muffled

And the last of the light the flows within you

Is extinguished 

And as you sit there in mindless thought

The voices in your head grow louder

And sends you into misery

The pain never stops

Yet you find a way to hide it from society

When you leave your house

You throw on your mask

And forget reality

You play it safe

In hopes it wont hurt anyone

Yet one person sees right through you

And holds you tight

You will be okay

And though that pain never fades

The love that people have for you

Never fails to fight

Patience is a virtue

You must be patient for the storm to pass

Live on in your wildest dreams

And dont let others tell you how to live

For its your own life

Not theirs


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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