Pain is ominous. It is in that sort of way where one day you look back on the pain you have dealt with and you say- “That was one hell of a memory.”


There are two different types of pain. Physical and emotional. The physical pain is the easiest, I think. The physical pain we go through throughout our lives lasts but a couple of weeks. Months for the really unfortunate. Most of the time physical pain is a mere paper cut, or a bruise from an accident at the gym, or simply from big hips running into a desk, knocking over a favorite lamp. The point is, physical pain heals faster than emotional pain.


Anyone who has ever had their heart broken knows that emotional pain doesn't compare to physical pain even a little. Emotional pain is everlasting. It is a constant 45-pound weight on your chest, daring your heart to lift it. With every feeble attempt to push it up and off, your heart gets stronger and stronger, until it can destroy any force that attempts to soften it and push to its core. The core of which is so utterly broken that any thought of dropping its muscular guard, shatters it with a lost sort of hope. Emotional pain lasts for months even years. It is a mother telling a daughter she is a disappointment. It is a partner falling in love with someone else. It is the death of someone you know you didn't spend enough time with. It is the loss of a close friend you know you didn’t appreciate enough. Emotional pain is so much more than physical pain, yet emotional pain is hardly understood.


There are 179 total medical schools in the United States. Prepared to welcome in students who wish to study the body and how it heals. Ready for the next brilliant mind to figure out the way it works and how to make it better than it already is. Excited to turn the human body into a machine that can’t be touched. Very few of these schools offer the study of the mind. Not the brain, the mind. To figure out how our brains work and function as a whole. We have our theories, our ideas of what makes us- us. Theories that makes us even more incredible than originally thought. Yet we don't know how to cure a broken heart or a depressed mind. We don't know how to heal addiction as fast as we can heal an arm that has been sliced by the sadness brought to us by the very things we need to stay alive. The mind and the heart.


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Pain comes in two forms, whichever pain we- you have to endure, I hope we find a cure to heal that pain ever so quickly.

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