Paging Dancing Doctor Apollo

A dancing doctor, sounds crazy, right?

What kind of doctor would dance

He goes by the name of Apollo

Just sit down and give him a chance


When he was young, he had two passions

Medicine or music, he couldn't choose 

So he decided to combine the two

And bought a doctor's coat and dancing shoes


Every morning, he bops his way nto the hospital

Making everyone laugh and smile

All the kids would beg and plead

"Please stay for more than a while!"


He would dance to pop, rock, R&B

He would jump, shout, and sing

He would also try to rap to hip-hop

While he gives a patient a sling


Everyone around the world knew about Apollo

He was rare for his kind

Nurses would always joke and say, "Paging Dancing Doctor Apollo"

And he would come in and start singing a line




I really really like this.

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