Pacs' Philosophy

carry me through the barren leaves in braids of trees life is a known mystery
locked horns with the mere notion of joy as a bat with girl meets boy lift your head high
cool your jets lest I confess that life is but a test I must confess turn the radio on
sing a song so we all can get along smile cause it's contagious nothing outrageous
be engaged with your new jack swing did I hear the door bell ring

live long and prosper give cadence to the helper warm to shelter feeling better
keep ya head up dig long on Pac's philosophy in cosmic history ya see a breeze
dizzy in a haze thought for many days like a mouse stuck in its maze
Each of us is building our own dynasty living out our legacy into God you see
Strength comes from up above we sweep things underneath the rug gives a big hug

Homeboy got a nine to his head begging for bread face full of lead
I'm a leader and never a follower come in store lest I implore something more
playing our favorite song on the radio face on a pillow sniffing liquid jello
Hello, we must increase the beat to promote its tempo long lines being formed
Curse the very day you were born better wait your turn hearts to yearn

Spinning like a top homeboy do think a lot boogy down to the socks
got to be bilingual take you places to go like Kool Moe Dee making sweet history
faces, places & spaces...midnight traces making the Margarhetti an explosion in the mind
sipping on cherry wine everything is quite fine created from a great design

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My community


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