A package deal

Once upon a time long ago
It is said a girl with skin white as snow
Ran far into the woods
And stumbled across a cabin, alone in stood.

Endless months to herself
Not once did she worry about her health.
Happy and full of energy and life
Dancing and prancing because she wasn't a house wife.

One day she looked in the mirror,
Bashful she became as she came nearer.
Confused but paid no mind
Out the door, she left herself behind.

A walk to always end the day
Her favorite time to laugh and play
She thought herself dopey and never afraid
Confident and bold was how she was made

A day of coughing and being sneezy
She was definitely sick and quite dizzy.
After that she was in a constant slumpy mood
Soon it was like she was a completely grumpy dude

She didn't feel like herself and began weeping.
The days passed with her in bed and very sleepy

At the door she heard a knock
To find the one and only Mr. Doc
Who knew everything about anything

"Don't worry my dear,
There is something you need to hear.
I am you and you are me,
You're talking to yourself don't you see."

He was right but she did not panic
For she had friends being a schizophrenic.
She invited Doc to move in
And together they lived, The End.


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