Owning Weakness


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(poems go here) Speak your pain
Show me your suffering
Use the words granted to you as a human being

Why is he
Any better than you
Why in control

This is your story
So don’t smear the pages with tears
Do no charge our veins with anger as you lie to yourself

Let your agony flow
Exhale your ailments to this world
Surely you will not be alone any longer then

Take this day
And take these words
Take the world as your own

You have a right to suffering
But you have a greater right to freedom
Let your heart speak for the first time in your life

Cry alone and no one will care
Smile and laugh but tear your soul to pieces
Open yourself and own this existence

This is your chance
This is your life
And you will get no other

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This was inspired by a friend of mine who hasn't yet found their voice

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