Overcoming Paradise Homesickness


Realizing this is it, the beginning of college in Puerto Rico.

Not having my mother on my side telling me to do this or that,

I’m on my own…

Knowing my surroundings is a challenge,

Meeting new people is rewarding.

A new culture yet to experience,

Trying new foods and learning new traditions is knowledgeable.

I can’t wait to explore the whole island throughout my four years of college.

Is this a dream where I can wake up next to my mother?

Or is talking on the phone the only way to hear her cherishing voice?

Being 2,056 miles far from Chicago,

Oh how I miss the Windy City!

I love this island full of hot weather.

Yet, I miss the cold weather.

Didn’t expect how Puerto Rico can be a paradise,

Waking up every morning asking myself,

“Why am I here?”

I am here to experience college

And not only to earn a degree,

But to grow as a young individual

That is determined to graduate as a professional bilingual educator.

An educator to prepare students academically and for life,

Just like teachers have prepared me for life.

Now this is, my way of overcoming this paradise homesickness…


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