Overcoming Myself

Anxiety rules my life,

cutting me open like a knife.

I was on the cold, stone table ready to be taken under.

Forcing myself to throw up was my blunder.

I stopped fighting the urge,

gagging until I slurged.

There was no use in fighting.

Throwing up every morning was in the writing.

Butterflies? More like fireworks.

I guess it's just one of my quirks. 

All I do is hurt myself.

Decreasing was my health.

Missing out on all the fun,

scared to go out in the sun.

So all I did was stay home,

and I liked it, being alone.

That's what I did my childhood.

Alone is where I stood.


Anxiety ruled my life.

It was lots of strife.

I didn't want to admit something was wrong.

Therapy seemed to be the only song.

There I was taught to breathe and think.

But still all I did was sink,

deeper and deeper into the sensation of puke.

This was ultimately my nuke.

But then one day I was prescribed meds.

And everything seemed to click in my head.

I was no longer scared to go out.

I had no reason to pout.

I found my confidence and strength. 

I could be myself at any length.

I am finally in control of my own world.

I'm not that shy, quiet girl.

My anxiety was no longer rife.

Anxiety no longer rules my life.



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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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