Overcoming My Fears

Someone once said that "Fear will never lead you towards a positive end". 

but what happens when you have grown accustomed to that fear and it became your 


only because fear was the only thing keeping you warm at night 

fear was mending your broken heart after you've kept it guarded for so long trying 

to stay strong from the people who hurt you so bad ---- you refuse to let anyone in 

this you had to tragically endure such agonizing pain so crippling ; suddenly you'd be so 

numb that everytime you'd think you'd start to cry the river had run dry.

why oh why i cry !

I constantly tell myself it'll get better.

but there's always that tiny ounce of doubt that never goes away ; so i again ask myself 

when will that be? 

when time has frozen still or when the earth is under water due to global warming ?

I cannot wait for the day when i can finally look in the mirror and say I AM FREE 

free from the memories that i have that left me shaken to my core asking no more 

free from the hurt i feel and finally start healing not dealing. 

in the end you found that fear was holding you back , it kept you off track

it kept you from the joys and friendships that life had to offer ; yet i find myself

at a cross roads; im almost like a paradox you see 

I want to be happy but i think of things that make me sad. 

i try not to but somethings are simply out of my control, on a whole

my goal will finally be to be free from this fear........... no the pupeteer that 

had me center stage 


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