Wed, 04/17/2013 - 19:54 -- briwill


United States
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Today was the day of chemo
felt that monster in my breast
heart beating sending waves of pain to my chest
asking my god why
im just to dam fuckin young to die
i quivered my lip and sunk my teeth
as my body showing signs of defeat
i brushed my hair as pieces fell off
my fingers grow numb as the warriors went to my veins
fighting the monster as it was to blame
i rolled my eyes back as the saline dripped
feeling cold to my feet and finger tips
i looked on my left and right
watching family and friends in every sight
i wondered why i went through pain
as my family held my hands
until i realized this is why
this is why i have to survive
i got it all here
till the monster in the breast is gone
ill be in this chair
being a warrior
for no death should i fear.)


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