Over the Fence


They rule over me;

Like the inconsistency…

That this will continue to rhyme. 


All over the fence,

Like the one I had to jump over,

Literally and figuratively.

Hoping not to get caught,

But knowing that was not impossibly easy.


What should I do?

But go and rant it all to no one,

Nothing or nowhere.


My childhood friends;

Pfft, the ones that wouldn’t

Even lend,

Me a game on the same console. 


But with true friends:


May rule over me,

But possibilities are everyone,

Everything and everywhere. 


Or college friends,

That push me over the fence and into a bush that inevitable cuts me and my shirt but I don’t get caught.


That thrill,

When they grill,

And talking about a bitch

On the beach. 


The “fucks” and “shits” 

That are never given,

Yet you feel more open and 

Worth it,

Makes the decision feel correct,

And impossibilities,

Are possible.


But with false friends:

Start this poem over,



This poem is about: 
Our world


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