Over coming the reality of life

Life is a constant prolonging road leading in various paths.

Going foward while looking back brings me to a hault.

The new allusion of a adventure forces me walk foward;

while my doubts holds me back.

Should I or should I not walk this path?

Years of doubt only makes it harder for me to move foward, while

the past seems better but inside the future appears seems bright.

Should I take the risk and continue foward or run back to a never ending comfort...

Or walk foward with caution....



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The part of me walking foward while looking back. It's hard for us as a society to

move foward either in your work place, education, or realtionships. Its always

easier to continue the same thing you've done instead of moving foward. For an

example, I graduated high school than continued my education at Santa Monica

Community college and only went their because it was "what I am suppose to do."

I had no clue of my major or what I wanted to be. Now, I arised from going to school

because I didn't want my parents to be upset, to having goals and completing them. I

graduated from Santa Monica College and is currently at CSUN working on my

Business Management degree, co-owner of a pizzeria while having a second job as a

Human Resource Assis. I am still finding out my true potential but I have a starting

point and working on graduating in a year in a half, than if possible getting my

Masters degree.


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