Over a broken heart

You knew that i was afraid of getting hurt,  afraid of a broken heart

like it happens to me all the time.

You promised me that you wouldn't hurt me, wouldn't leave me like the rest

.... you broke every promise and now ur gone.

I've felt lost, broken without u for the longest time even though its been months

then u come back to me after all this time.

Hoping to get me back like how we were, it broke my heart when i said no...

i just knew that for u it was a game.

I shut myself down, closed myself off of everyone and everything 

because there was no meaning without u.

That was before i met an amazing person that loves me the same,

i let him in... i trusted again.

I don't know how i got over the pain and torture you caused me,

but i did and i had the courage to open up.

I realized that being afraid of a broken heart meant that i wouldn't allow myself to love,

so what's love without any risks and fears.

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