Shattered pieces on the ground

There she lies, broken, and hollow

Angst-ridden words filling her mind--

Overflowing with words of sorrow.

She’s just a teen not to be taken seriously-

The cuts on her arms are just teenage stupidity.

The drinks intoxicating her, numbing her senses

Are just experimentation--normal they say,

Driving too fast without her seatbelt,

Underdevelopment of her prefrontal cortex.

The pills are just a side-effect--

Naivety of her age.

She’ll grow up, things will change-

Feelings will fade, and she’ll be great.

Nothing really matters; she’s just a fucking teen--

Overreacting, overdramatic, overcomplicating,

Overboard, over empathetic, over caring,

She’s over everything but those who left her,

To fend for herself; to try and start over-

Again and again.

Not over those who hurt her,

Making her belittle herself to the point

That she believed that her self-worth

Was not even the size of a point on the paper

Of her life which she painted

With colors of despair, of death

Of betrayal of tears, but no!

She’s just a goddamned teen.

Shattered pieces on the ground,

There she lies alive but dead.



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