Outwardly I May Be White, But On the Inside I am Truly Black (UNFINISHED)

I have been persecuted

For the color of my skin

For the clothes on my back

For the way I cut my hair

For the way I sag my pants

For the way I act

I have been hated


For being black

Although my face may not show it

I know inside that is true

I am descended from Africa

I’m not the same as you


The music of my people

Speaks to me like no other

Biggie and Tupac

know me better than any white person ever will

I worship no false prophets

I worship no white devil

Not Eminem, Not Logic

I worship only the most high

The one and only, Kendrick Lamar

All others can lay to waste

For I worship only the one true King

For he is the one who knows me best

For he is the one who knows how I act

For he is the one who knows that I am Black


This poem is about: 
My country
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I noticed in the title that it is unfinished. What do you plan to gear towards?

Maybe you should elaborate on what makes you Black and write about somethings

only Black people could understand. In a sense you should be "proving" your Blackness. 

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