Outside My House

The clocks ticking

Its a quarter past 9 pm

Some how the world still going

Still moving

Like a train going non stop

Its showing why it won't stop

Unlike some ones heart

Its as easy as pulling a trigger

And when you do


You go home knowing what you done

You're not guilty yet  

Not until proven but the court

For they have all say

But out of no where you hear a

Knock Knock Knock on your door


You blood is starting to race

You're there starting to pace

You feel like crying or running away

! !  What was that, as the clock strikes ten  

Then the door is

Busted open !!

Looks like you have no way to prevail  

Your streak is over

your times run up you're getting derailed


Its elven now and you behind bars and you are

Now your lives at the end

Day later at 12 am you're in for 35 years

With gilt and and shame

But you're not to blame  



Theophilus Boakye

June 6 2014

Sabin Magnet School

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