Out of Reach

Fri, 10/25/2013 - 14:39 -- AmyR


What part of your mind,

Says this is okay?

What part of you decided,

To treat me this way?

You're meant to be gentle,

You're meant to care,

But whenever you're around,

You're not really there.


You've got distant you see,

Just out of reach,

When I try to talk with you,

You ignore my speech.

We're drifting apart,

We're just becoming broken,

It's been such a long time

Since we've properly spoken.


I don't know whats wrong,

Therefore I can't repair it,

You won't let me in,

So I'll just have to bear it.

This just isn't right,

I just can't pretend,

I feel like you're ready,

For this relationship to end.


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