Out of Control

Slowly every second I am losing you more and more.

I thought I had a strong grip on you.

I thought maybe just maybe for a slight second I would have my power back.

I would have what I needed to survive this damn life.

Then everything went back to the old ways of my life. 

I thought I had escaped the life that was revolved around drugs, sex, and money.

I was so wrong.

Once again I am being concealed by material things.

Nothing is ever what it seems.

A young girl of just 17 has a part time job, always a smile on her face hides so much.

She hide long nights of sex, dope, and self-destruction.

She hides it all with simple smiles and loud laughs.

Her laugh can cover anything.

No one thinks you can fake something that sounds so genuine.

But that "genuine" laugh disguises long nights of self-harms and drug abuse.

No one ever questions it they just assume.

She hates every second of this life.

She wishes someone would take her aside and tell her the truth.

She wishes someone would tell her she looks like hell.

She wishes someone would truly care and tell her she needs to change.

No one ever does.

Everyone just lets her slowly kill herself.

She is slowly slipping away but no one realizes.

They never will either.

She would never allow that.

She has perfected her own destruction.

She wont let anyone get in the way of that.

You may love her today but tomorrow she will make you hate her.

She is gone.

From you, from him, from her, from everyone, and everything.

She is out of control. 

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