It feels increasingly difficult to remember our centre.
The part that should dictate our lives more than our brain,
The part that is one of the easiest to lose sight of,
We can get distracted, or lazy, only worrying about smarts or love,
Underneath all of us, are we not just skin and bones,
acting in a way that our nerves find suitable in our ‘society’ that we built upon ancients who crashed and burned,
Perhaps that’s too cynical, perhaps i should be optimistic, happy, extroverted and fit into those stereotypes,
I’m not saying I could ever change our society, or build a better one,
but i am a critique of myself,
And to lower the damage I do to myself, I must burn the bridges of those around me,
    its all a competition,
Reminded everyday to ‘stay positive’, ‘its not a competition’, ‘no ones going to judge you’
How do you go against the laws of nature?
Did we not call existence ‘survival of the fittest’?
Did we not invent a thousand synonyms, ‘sad’, ‘depressed’, ’melancholic’ ?
Did we not evolve to judge something and then decide to run or fight?
But yes, please go ahead and force these ideas onto me, onto yourself, onto everyone,
Listen up, remember your elders are right,
    let’s not try to help
Don’t try to change, only transform into the lines those before us drew,
You’re just a child, you dont know anything about today, so shoo,
This rooms’ for us, the superior and older,
Livin’ in our world of politics and ignorance,
This world’s your responsibility but we won’t let you do anything,
We’ve got nothing to lose, we won’t be here to see the world crisped to a point,
    human nature,
How could you experience troubles?
Stop lying, stop telling fairy-tales,
Stop being sad, stop being dramatic,
Stop being angry, stop being a distraction,

This poem is about: 
Our world


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