Pardon the pun. 

It isn't as big as the sun.

Or as big as the hearts

Of those who had to depart.



Filled with sun and love and warmth.

How did the hatred break through the swarm

And manage to wreck lives upon lives?

Lives that had no chance to say goodbye.


Today is no different from June 12

For today, still there are gunshot reverberations being felt. 

Every day brings news of a new attack

Whether on civilians, or the boys in blue is just another fact.


So here was the proposed call to action:

Let hashtag some words and make it trend, like fashion

But words are merely stepping stones to progress

All will remain the same if no one begins the process

Of beginning to show the world what is truly going on

By speaking out loud and rising, like the dawn. 


It matters not, what one thinks of our past,

For our future is holding, but will soon end fast

If we fail to end the hate and the violence,

Soon nothing will be left but the shadows, and the silence.


~Suvitha Viswanathan 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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