Our World and Our Future

August Forster

Written: 8/12/16


Our World and Our Future


The world is na beautiful but evil place. There are things that can’t be explained, thoughts


and ideas that can’t be heard. We beg for a better future, we beg for peace. Love doesn’t  exist


and no one can be  trusted. We are falling as a nation under our God. We feel surrender


sneaking up upon us. Our brothers and our sisters fight a war, that will, but cannot ever be one.


We strive to connect, to reach out to others, but what we see is tearing us down. The birds no


longer sing, shots are fired, and ringing in our ears. Devastation is coming to existence. Our


children cry for their parents. The darkness has swallowed them whole. What we saw as a once


beautiful world, full of experience and hope, has fallen to the ashes of death. Flames fill our soul,


and our hearts break in two. We are no longer human, and we can no longer smile. We did this


to ourselves , hate fills our tears. What was once a nation of peace, is now a passage to the


gates of hell. All of the angels have fallen, from being too weak. We now have nobody, we are


alone. We have killed our future, that might of had a  chance to be happy, hopeful, and beautiful.


Our government has fallen, bodies fill the streets. Now for the worst of all the darkness swallows  

our cries, and the only thing left to heat is the crickets in the night.

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Our world
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August Forster

i wrote this poem in a setting of a world to come if we fail to remain human...............hope you enjoy-August F.

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