Our World.

The world's full of hate, discrimination, and sin.

People judging others by the color of their skin...

But why?


We may look different, but the same blood runs through our veins. 

We all bleed the same blood, the color doesn't change.

So why should it matter if they're black, or if they're white. 

If they're darker than night, or if they're as bright as the sun, and that's bright.

But, see.

I love the skin that I'm in.

I won't let a man NOR woman put me down or MAKE me believe that having darker skin is a sin.

I was taught to love people for who they are.

If you can't love yourself, the "love" you have for n someone else will only go so far.

So you cannot sit here and tell me that I should hate my dark skin.

My ancestors loved every part of their bodies, and also what's deep within.

Do not look at my skin, and judge me by its color.

Recognize the beauty, 

the melanin, 

the love that it was created with.

It took me so long to recognize that I should love it, 

when so many people hated it.

My dark skin makes me unique.

It makes me recognize that my melanin

is pure elegance

And it can never be taken away from me.

I was told that I'm as beautiful as I can be

no matter what my skin color may be.

I'm different, and there will never be another me.

So I will embrace my skin, my beauty, and be carefree.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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