Our Uncertainty


Were born empty a clean slate

Only to be carved into and filled

With knowledge of the world

Knowledge that holds many things


But what if too much is birthed

What is to for come the overflow?

Confusion rises from the chaos like smoke

Simmering to soft embers of uncertainty


What is uncertainty?

Is it to know so much?

Or to no just enough

Maybe too little


Uncertainty is key

A key that leads to new doors

For what are we to find

From Alps to the Appalachians


Are we to wonder pondering of ourselves?

Or of others that gaze upon ourselves

Questioning our thoughts

Questioning our laws


If no questions arise of our selves

Are we to follow blind like sheep?

Walking to our doom of hungry wolves

Or are we to stand and wonder beyond


Beyond over yonder

Which way to ponder

Here there near or far

Pondering is a minds journey


Uncertainty is key

The key to either our extinction

The key to our prosperity

Uncertainty leads to a decision


Uncertainty is key

The key of our decisions


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