Our time

Sun, 10/13/2013 - 23:20 -- mmd324

You say you know me,

I am every sixteen year old that has ever walked through your doors.

I need to take my time.

My time..... 

                                        O my time!

If only you knew my time.

If only you knew my best friend's heart was dying.

Her insides were being demolished by the mosters inside her mind.

                                        O my time!

I savor ever second of my time.

Every word she has ever wispered because it may be her last.

                                         O my time!

Our heart are breaking,

Our hands are shaking, 

                                 and you need our time.

Another worksheet, Another day. 

We are dying! 

And if you would just listen you could here our silent pleas,

Maybe you could see how beautiful our time really is.

You could see you really don't know us.

Not a single one of us.

                                          O our time! 

If only you knew our time. 


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