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Our time is now,
Our time is now.

When words are not enough
Great men stand tall
And society’s instrument
Becomes victim to the reins.

When times are more than tough
And men lie down in defeat
And truer words are spoken than in peace,
We cry ‘by any means necessary’.

Our time is now,
Our time is now.

But Bob Dylan tells us
The times are a’ changing
But who told us
They would never stop.

And who knows more about change
Than we the cradle of man
The champions of the struggle
Who wished for so much more.

But our time is now

Because this IS the future
And impossible triumphs
Do not end with touch screens and computers
Or with the availability of bus seats.

But I’ve seen it,
In the eyes of friends and the words of tomes
There is nothing more heartening,

Our time is now
And forever.

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