Our Summer Love Is Meant For All Seasons

The green grass, the blue sky, the cool streams of water, the flowers, the birds and the bees,

Picturesque paradise in a faraway land of lakes and of mountains and trees.


With all the time in the world we'll stare at the clouds, so fluffy and puffy and white,

We’ll gaze at the heavens and count every star on a perfect midsummer night.


On a boat in a pond we can fish and relax, we can swim by the lilies on bright, sunny days,

We can sing songs, build fires, and sit on soft blankets, so cozy and warm from the hot, fiery blaze.


We’ll read all the classics in our spacious front yard, under trees, in the shade, on a swing,

Listen to hummingbirds, blue jays, robins, and crickets, and all of the life that appears in the spring.


When we sweat in the sun we’ll go to our front porch, we'll sit and we'll talk and drink sweet lemonade,

We'll eat melons and berries and apples and grapes, we'll dream in the calm, in the cool of the shade.


We'll follow the bear cubs in search of sweet berries, we'll find all the places where red apples grow,

We’ll pick them before the sun sets in the sky, on cool summer nights when the fireflies glow.


Under the moonlight we’ll make love till morning, we’ll kiss and caress till the rise of the sun.

We'll rest and relax in our comfortable bed, till our bodies, our souls, intertwine, become one.


We’ll kiss in the rain during fierce thunderstorms, we’ll kiss in the snow, all covered in white.

No matter the weather or place or the season, I’ll always have you, every day, every night.


For while seasons will change from spring, summer to autumn, and even to white winters too,

Know this my love, that no matter the season, no matter the time, I will always love you.


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