Our relationship

Little did I know, that you were gonna show

your face here once again, it was when


you were in the south, flowers in my mouth

a corner of the palace you did place


waiting for me all these years, you and I, we shared our tears

wash away the worries of our life


and after all this time you will still define

us as a tickled shade of pink


tell me that you meant much more than a frazzled, “shut the door”

forgotten was the place that we called home


belittling my field of grace, making sense of piled space

considering the precious stone of silk


finalizing fragranced bells, having people read our tales

don’t you know i’m hidden by a wall?


shy as buildings tall as I, hiding behind G-ds eye

feeling for the towers that befall


upon your need of unison, i’ll describe sin after sin

beckoning the evil to come forth


filtered faults are piled  high, you and I were meant to die

the fire in our hearts melted our sores


left was what was meant to be, good and evil safe to plea

fight for what we knew all along

This poem is about: 
My family


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