Our People's Lips


Our people’s lips

piccolo at canting birds,

spit kisses into hands

then pitch,

awaiting swift receipt.


Lips, appended

by earthmud eyes,

sovereign brows,

lend silent discourse

'bout life

upon the street.


Groomed to smooch us

in her mother’s arms,

ma's deep doe eyes,

smile still stretching miles,

prepped seminal



Auntie Lala’s

tawny yawn-hems

limning chicklet pearls,

loose banshee shrieks

from amathystene Harley


at predators

for our safety’s sake.

Black holes, nebulae

her high mind points of view.


Her word-gates linger

as do riverbanks

when water flow is cut.







This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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