Our monsters

The human heart is an interesting thing. It’s job: beat. But we humans have to personify everything. Nothing could possibly just beat! We blame it for every emotion that our brain makes because love cannot just be chemicals, it has to be something more. Hate can not just be the reaction our brain has to something displeasing, not if that something displeasing is ourselves. How can our brains react to every decision IT has made with feelings of hatred. So we make a new entity that can be blamed for your feelings, let our brains just be decisions. Turn an organ that does nothing but, thump-thump thump-thump, into another creature inside ourselves that can be what whispers in your ear: you ugly, stupid, never-amount-to-anything, disappointment-of-your-mother’s-creation, walking-waste-of-space.


We blame the organ that is there to keep us alive for making us want to die, using “matters of the heart” to explain what’s going on in our heads. But a heart really only beats, it never whispers in our ears. So how do I explain these scars, those can’t be me. You get scars from monsters that attack you in the night, so where is the monster that made those? It can’t be in your head, never in your head, but your heart... The monster could live in one of the four caverns that the blood is supposed to go instead of dripping down your arm. That is why we let the blood out, not to feel better or more alive. No, its to please the monster and we only hope he follows the warm red blood and won’t yell about us anymore. But in reality, in the real world, in the land without little black and brown striped lizards that spew nothing but words that make you hate you, but the monsters don’t exist it IS just our chemicals

When it gets better its so hard to remember the pain and when it gets bad its so hard to remember the good but the monster is lying my monsters don't know me and when they go away Ill still be here no matter how hard they try and those monster well those monsters will go away its just a waiting game you have to win


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