our love is uncontrolled

His arms wrap miles around me.
His soul holds my cold heart with exuding warmth.
He has melted me, and molded me into something deserving of love.
He has shown me what true love feels like, he has made my flaws of disgusting scars left from ex lovers, be my best qualities.
He has adopted my pain into his home felt heart.
I no longer cry at night silently screaming why,
Why didn't they want to know me?
Why they only wanted my body?
Why my mind my soul my heart and my kindness wasn't enough for them to love!
He has shown me the answers.
They were not worthy of my love,
They were not capable of handling my love,
They were threatened of how deep my love could go.
Cause truth be told my love can love soo much harder than they could love themselves.
But not him, his love and mine have been molded together,
Our love is art, it is a beast with bursting beauty inside.
Our love is uncontrolled.
Our love is reckless but we feel safe, it's only when we're not together our love feels scared.
Our love is greater than fear, it is better than lust.
Our love...


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