Our Love

Because I love you

I don’t care if you sometimes look like a mess

Or that you talk with your mouth full

Or snort when you laugh


When you return home

And are stressed from the day’s troubles

I don’t mind staying up that extra hour to share your pain

And let you cry on my shoulder

Because I love you


But when you’re done

I will pull you up

To the next rung on the ladder

Stronger than ever

Simply because

I love you


Because I love you

I can handle your criticisms

Because I know they make me a better person


And we argue about things that don’t matter

Where we scream and say things that were better left unsaid

I know it will be okay

Because I know you love me too



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My poem is all about what a healthy relationship should show. Specifically,

how both partners must have the capacity listen both to each others' problems and

wins. And how you must be there both physically and emotionally for the other

person, not necesarily at the same time, though I believe that is important as well. At

the end of the day we all have our problems and love is expressed when you show 

for someone and let them know that you'll be there should they fail. Though I know 

from past experiences, you shouldn't say that specifically haha 



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