Our Love

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 13:05 -- phil

I want to lay with you until flowers bloom,

until they shine and sparkle with blazing flames.

and hold you until the leaves on the trees flourish

into their own characters of orrange red and yellow

and kiss you until crystals surround us every being a worthy gift,

every piece of frost a sparkling wonder,

and stay until our memory is frozen onto every snowflake


I want to hold you until the glistening reflection of the sun melts away

and the moon shows its true form

so will you lay with me until are hopes and promises are imprinted on the stars, 

will you stay with me until every last being disappears,

only whispers in the night,

will you love me until all thats left of existence

is the glimmering stardust falling from every edge of the universe


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