By our light



A night so Cold and bright.
If I wasn't locked up tight,
I'd see the twinkling starlight.
So I left to image seeing,
Them in my mind's eye. soaring with them I fly,
in the spiraling of their Galaxies.
Imagining the celestial bodies.
Like I could see
Knowing each by it
brilliant lights. The same way
God knows us
Closer I circled see each face,
Some Beaten in battle
scars from Impacts.
others with lush beauty
Free of attack.
Each in its own Galaxy,
Is Kinda of like it's family.
Now Understanding
How must feels.
To have Friends and family
Being So close but
yet so far away.
for all we can do
For them is pray,
And stay away.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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