Our Life in the Universe

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 22:50 -- bmjkc2


When I look around and see our life, the life that we all live,
I look on high, and see the stars, and wonder what we miss.
I see the light come rushing towards from different stars in space,
Billions of years have passed since then, the universe's race.
We reside here so far from others never to join our game,
They rush through space away from us, yet we see them all the same.
When I look up I see the beauty that the universe beholds,
I think of my place in it, I am apart of the its mold.
We are so insignificant, yet of so far from, I grin,
We have life to realize the grandness of which we all live in.
That feeling is so awful, so awful to feel and yet,
It reminds me of my place here now, and here is what to get.
We all live and let live, so much to look forwards to,
Our life is small but pertinent, pertinent through and through.



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