Our Hearts

Mon, 09/23/2013 - 14:19 -- abbyed


Flowers in the Spring,

Blooming bright and tall.

Rugged old pine trees,

Covered with snow in Fall.


The clear Texas sky,

With clouds that loom above.

Quiet, sweet,

Like a gentle mourning dove.


Thrashing ocean waters,

That churn and destroy.

Hearts racing, pace pacing,

A beat not to be ignored.


Powerful armies, with arrows and bows,

Marching onward, their fate unknown.

A young wife’s fear, And then, a tear.

The fading sound of drums ringing clear.


The heart breaking, torn in two,

As death comes to claim your life, too.

Clinging to one last hope,

Sadness breaks, like an old worn rope.


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