Our Generation

When you truly love someone, their heart is yours.

That one person is your other half.

You always have that spark

That can never pull you apart

through thick and thin.


You want that person when they're at their worst or best.

No matter what you have the potential to not be like the rest

and might even want that person forever.

As long as you work as a team.

There's no I in team

Lovers get worried, lose strength.

Think that there's nothing left, but they always pick each other up.

They talk and work things out.

They don't let stupid things get in the way of their love.

Like social networking, parties, & opposite gender friends.

They chose to look deeper and realize that that person has been there for them

and should trust them.

Love makes you do crazy things,

like stop talking to people they don't like but who you have known for years,

they begin to control you, like the things you wear or what apps you go on.

Is that how relationships should be?

Why can't we just go back to when relationships weren't based on texting or social networks.

When love was real, not connected by how you treated them through text.

When you could only ask them out on a date face to face not behind a phone.

When you did not know what they thought about your first kiss

with them not just text them afterward and ask them how it was.


When a guy walked you to the door after a date and said goodnight.  

When people had sex because they truly cared about that person not just for a good time.

Is our love now a days even real?

Or is it a three way relationship now because our phones always have to be included.


We are becoming in love with the idea of love 

Our generation has become obsessed with the idea of love

that we forgot about how it all starts.


We all want that love in the movies, but do you see them texting each other and telling them every problem and feeling?


Because they chose to say it face to face,

instead of hiding behind a phone.

I'm tired of people complaining about how our generation doesn't know what love is.

Ask your parents and grandparents how they met,

bet it wasn't online.

As we get older, we don't want to look back and say

"I met my husband/wife on Facebook or Twitter" 

that's not how things should be created.  


We don't know what real love is because older generations experienced love

with no phones involved. Maybe we should too...

There should be no intentions on finding love in the first place,

there should be no planned time nor a planned text or call

you need to be able to fall in love all over again with that person.  

Instead of searching for someone on the search bar...

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