Our Generation



We've let go of our companion intellect
As we were introduced to our new clique
Made friendly by the leader technology
It started with that awkward moment when yolo became the latest excuse for not completing last night's history homework assignment
Even if you were feeling a little salty because everyone else did it.
But lol cause yolo
And tbh you were probably more concerned with the most recent subtweets thinking "shots fired" I don't know where they were sent from
Or about the last person who did it for the vine.
We've forgotten our pal potential
When "if you ain't talkin money, I don't wanna talk" 
Became cooler and more important that getting a real job
Cause talkin money is better than getting it, right? 
When having the hottest man crush Monday or woman crush Wednesday became greater a task than studying for that chemistry quiz
We've rejected our buddy compassion
When reblogs romanticized self-harm and suicide and eating disorders and mental illnesses
And hashtags mocked 'cut for Bieber'
When depression and anxiety were downplayed for "I'm fine" quotes
And memes became funnier and more significant than Amanda Todd's death
Because millions of views are greater than a life
When the n word was coined funny because racism and discrimination no longer exist
Because nothing's funnier than a white kid saying "it's cause I'm black, right?"
We've outgrown our mate communication 
When we replaced intellectual conversations with text messaging
Because you could write a novel in emojis
And we've replaced basically 'say it to my face' with '@ me next time'
When we replaced hanging out with friends for selfies and hashtags while we look at pictures of what the "booty had me like" 
Or so and so's throwback Thursday or transformation Tuesday or selfie Sunday 
And your friend probably died in their head during the time you were 'hanging out' thinking "say something I'm giving up on you"
When our interests became more focused on freshmen sloots, ratchets, baes, and turn ups
Than holding a conversation with our parents
But turn down for what? 
Because our greatest friend depresses our intellect,
Our greatest friend diminishes our potential,
Our greatest friend depreciates our compassion,
Our greatest friend deteriorates our communication,
But turn down for what? 
Turn down because 
The struggle is real
We've let go of our companions, our pals, our buddies, our mates and despite this we somehow remain fortuitous
Even if the greatest question we've asked all day is
Do you even lift? Or naah?
Your real ooh kill em moment will come when you acknowledge that fortune is only possible by maintaining friendships, 
you can keep your new clique 
But remember
An old friend will introduce you to new people and pleasures. 


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