Our Fully Clothed One Night Stand

Kissing you was cosmic

You brought me in, taking my breath away

Luring me in, giving me a sense of hope that this would be something

I hoped for anything but a one night friday makeout session


When your lips met mine, it was as if a surge of lightning echoed through my hollow soul

My heart skipped a beat,

And it was as if the sands of time stopped to send energy back to my heart


And I laid my head on your chest, and you proceeded to tell me I was beautiful


I felt safe in your arms,

A sense of home

Your arms made of compliments and muscle

I smiled, believing you for those minutes we spent close


And they say you never forget your first kiss

And maybe I was just lucky enough for you to be my first, but I couldn’t find the four leafed clover for anything more


And I’m afraid to tell you that maybe I like you more than a little bit

And that maybe I began to feel invested in the idea that maybe you were different


But I understand, I read between the wrong lines

We had different intentions


And maybe I never had a chance  



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