Our Eyes Tell Our Stories




Our eyes tell our stories

Begging you to FEEL FOR US, knowing that

Everyday we walk into that brick building

Our indifference becomes our own personal insane asylum

Surrounded by people whose lies roll off their lips like some sort of lubricant

Wearing their artificial smiles like it’s customary

Showering us with insincere compliments like it’s an everyday requirement

Every considerate gesture becomes insignificant

And everything we once thought to be true becomes a lie

We feel like we’re on Broadway every time we walk into that brick building

Instinctively acting out everything we do

“Faking it ‘till we make it” every god forsaken step of the way


Our eyes tell our stories

Begging you to be SINCERE TO US

Bringing us down when you are supposed to be raising us up

Always concerned about the what nots, the haves and have nots

Making us feel like we’re the runts of the litter

As if we already didn’t feel bad enough

Why does it always have to be about the money?

Money can’t pay for the tears to go away


Our eyes tell our stories

Begging you to TEACH US something more than

The square root of 49, the scientific method, or the last five battles of the civil war

Education becomes more than just black and white with us

We need to know that everybody isn’t on our side, but YOU ARE

Relay to us the rules of life

Rather than reading to us from that old novel no one even understands


Our eyes tell our stories

Begging you to KNOW US better than we know ourselves

Our variables aren’t just A through Z

We aren’t just any adjective you pull out of a dictionary

There isn’t any specific formula to figure us out

Your classroom is a wide range of personality and popularity

Ranging from the slit-wrist girl in the back to the pretty boy jock in the front

We want you to see us for who we really are

Not what our labels say we are


Our eyes tell our stories

Begging you to TELL US that education is important



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