Our Education System Must Go

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 22:08 -- npatri


Our Education System Must Go

As children we are taught to aspire,

As adults we perspire,

And after we die and expire,

Our legacies shall inspire,


Yet by following this rule,

And chasing life’s non-existent jewel,

We are mired in disappointment, like fools,

For no one accounted for the roadblock that is school.


My teachers say, school is the process in which we are to “grow”,

My teachers say, school is the students time to glow,

My teachers say, school is the greatest transformation we know,

But it is time for the students to say no.


It is time that these misguided institutions

Come face to face with the fact that they are not the solution

But there is still a chance for resolution

Which should begin with this current system’s dissolution.


Our schooling is based on the fact that everyone is the same,

Forcing intellectuals and jocks to be taught under the same frame,

It is high time we let student choose their claim to fame,

Whether that be pursuing math, or getting their head in the game.


School is a system of false tests of success,

In which students no longer are driven to do their best,

In which life’s future course can be determined by a grade on a test,

And many must pay the price by keeping their true potential suppressed.


When a student goes home to his parents after receiving a “C”,

How well will they take it, regardless of the student’s valiant plea?

“I studied, I studied!”, in vain the student may shriek,

And this negativity has often pushed students to the brink.


Is it worth partaking in a system in which reward may never arrive?

Is it worth watching students work in vain when they have so much potential unrealized?

Is it worth the screaming from parents who wonder whether their child is mentally deprived?

Is it worth the suffering that we see from society, all for an unattainable prize?



Let’s think about this again.  


How does it matter to a lawyer whether or not he could understand glacial ablation,

How does it matter to a doctor that they were not able to remember details of Greek civilization,

How does it matter to an author whether or not they could wholly grasp improper integration,

How does it matter, if what we learn is inapplicable in our occupation?


Each passing day, it pains me to watch individuality suffer,

As inevitably, the competition will get stiffer and tougher,

But the administrators of our school will provide us with little comfort,

And we will be sticking it out alone, when the going gets rougher.


This is the time, when we must realize the horrors of education’s status quo

This is the time, when we must realize that we must stand together to say no

This is the time, when we must realize that  there are changes this system must undergo

This is the time, when our current school’s system has to go.






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