Our Donor vs. The Bear

Fri, 12/12/2014 - 14:56 -- fani06

I remember my mother stating,"Im pregnant!" with such excitement only to come to realize that outr "father" had different plans for that baby. 

Not even after a month that he was born did our "sperm donor" think it was okay to kill an innocent child.

He abandoned us, kicked us out of our home with NOTHING but the clothes our backs. He didn't realize what he'd left behind. 

A single mother of four kids, cried every single night because she had no idea what her kids would eat the next day.

In our first apartment, were only our five bodies and the carpet that the apartment came with. 

It was mid-December. 

I remember that first night that we sleep in that small apartment. We all huddled together around our mother like cubs. Our body heat was the only thing keeping us warm.

Our "sperm donor" became ill with a syndrome named, Guillain Barre.

He wanted my mothers help along with mine. We weren't ready to forgive but we did and helped him out. He'd become a hundred and eighty pound baby! 

We helped out with as much as we could but it seemed to not be appreciated. Once he recovered he became the same old person he used to be, and we needed to stay away for our own safety.

And that single mother of four, pushed through and became a self-less human being. She prefered to give her own cubs happiness before she could get any. That momma bear is going to see her struggle pay off.


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