Our Dirty Dance  This indecency has been plaguing me; seconds, minutes, hours, and even days. Days that eat at my infringed soul; or whatever has been left of it. This life being a riddle, and love is a maze. I'm just a dame merely caught in the middle. Until I taste your mouth against mine, I'll be at the beginning once again. You give me an undying need to dance in the rain. You give me a deep yearning to smile at all past pains.  But you are not a very trusting man;this you spoke of before. Your faint face has once hit the concrete floors. You put it all in, she waited and just took it all out.You have built up foundations brick by boring brick, with sweat, bones, heart and soul. But she came like a hurricane: strong winds and heavy laden rain. She came, and conquered, and damaged love's festive parade. Dissipated love's finest, leaving him with no soul.  I truly need to bring him back to a sweeter realityBut on inevitably lost love, he remains to dwell. He knows pain, so he said he won't marry til he's at the ripened age of 40,as  by then he will know better. I've been through strenuous hells before 24,so I'll wait on his timing. And by then our colliding worlds will be safer.  Will I be the one for you when this world collides? Will you still see me as beautiful when the shallowest of souls are no more? Just say to me comforting lies. Say to me what I need to hear; I'm waiting at your heart's door. This life is a riddle, and love is a maze. This love's indecency has been plaguing me for unending days. Is this really a riddle? Of life showing us its filthy ways? With a dame and a gentleman caught in the middle? 


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