Our City

We met in that city

That place of sun and little shops 

The anticipation that was magic in that small town

Our eyes met by fate

And the spell was cast

Your approach, your voice


"Hello" had never sounded so warm

Time hadn't dulled these feelings afterall 

We took a walk, our own little adventure

Along the streets of that town

And the smile wouldn't leave my face

We wandered for an hour,

Forgetting everything else

And we sat on that bench

And then you stood

And we shared a kiss

Or 2

Your smell, the brush of your lips

We spent the last few minutes together in constant laughter

And you waited for me to catch another bus

Because I had missed my first

And we spent the rest of the day in a daze

It had all seemed perfect then

And we pretended to forget the sound of the tiles

Breaking off in large chunks

The blocks that had built this town

Of warm sunlight and infatuation

The feel of your lips linger

And the ruins of our city lay 

In a heap of magic and potential


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