Our Amazing Planet is Dying

The world around us is always changing, 

And some of those changes, we arrange. 

We arrange changes for better, but also for the worse, 

Our simple, stupid mistakes have brought us a curse. 

Our planet is dying, and we are to blame,  

Our president should have shame. 


To our stupid president, us humans are first, but what about our planet? 

Us “humans” cannot survive without our dear globe Mr. Trump 

Do you think Mother Nature likes it when we destroy her forests? 

Her precious Amazon Rainforest. 


We love the snow, and so do our polar bears,  

So, let's start to care.  

Our Earth is dying, and we have not blinked an eye, 

We cannot simply kiss our planet bye. 


So, Mr. President, what’s the next move? 

We are asking you since you think you got all the grooves, 

How do we stop from making our globe so warm? 

Come on, let’s brainstorm, 

Maybe let’s stop cutting down all our trees, 

Let’s make sure bees have a home, geez. 


Our world around us is slowly dying, 

So, we should start trying to make this place better, 

But when our very own president does not believe,  

Soon, it shall be time to grieve.  


This poem is about: 
Our world


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