Our 2018...


University of Southern Mississippi
118 College Drive
United States

Our 2018 Freshman Maid is...

Let's rewind and talk about this biz

Vote for me the Girl on Fire!

That's me Alyssa Smokes. Your one and only desire

I am not a child and you will hear what I have to say

Some didn't care and just went about their day

I soon realized that I was in college and the world did not revolve around me

There is no mom to show everything and say "Look see!"

I'm voting for someone else

What makes you qualified?

All have you know...

I learned how to make brownies in the micowave

All have you know...

It tastes just like momma's

I learned how to wash my clothes correctly

All have you know...

I didn't have a basket full of pink clothes this time

So again

Vote for me the Girl on Fire!

Our 2018 Freshman Maid is...

Alyssa Smokes

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My community
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