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I would like to be something different.
Maybe if I change my habits again.
Through hard work and dedication I can.
Become something not as myself.

The bitter sweet resonance of their pride
Seeps through my shield and armor melting skin
Skin I built as mocking birds flew closer
Skin that opened as easy as melodic sounds rolling off of the tongue
My tongue broken in bitter silence
The songs danced around, but all I hear is static

Skin that changed through scars and burns with regret
Burnt my skin in the summer sun
Hopes one day I’ll become strong
Hopes one day the rain won’t fall

But now I see it was not thick
Not enough to keep it out
Like glass it morphs through time
A liquid intertwined with gritty sand unfinished
My manifestation is my own
My temptations are the suns
Rebuilding myself each set
But forgetting I rise again
On the other side.


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