The Other Side of the Story

So people call me the big, bad wolf,

but honestly they are mistaken.

I will tell you my side of the story 

of how I turned those little pigs into bacon. 


I just happened to be sick one day, 

stuffy and sneezy from the flu.

I told myself to go ask my neighbors

if they had any medicine to help me through. 


So off I went to the first little pig's house,

a house made of hay.

Who in the world would even make a house like that?

I asked myself along the way.


So I arrived at the silly hay house and said,

"Little pig, little pig let me in.

I'm coughing, sneezing, snotting and 

I need to borrow some flu medicine."


"I'm not gonna let you in," the first little pig said.

"You just want to eat me up."

"No, I just want some cough drops, crackers,

and some hot tea in a cup."


Oh no, here comes a sneeze! 


You wouldn't believe how that hay house fell.

The little pig even died too. 


Now being a member of the wolf society,

I can't let fresh meat like that go to waste.

So I took what I could find from the fallen house,

and cooked that pig up in a haste. 


Now this happened again

with the pig and his house made of sticks.

I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed some more.

But it didn't work for the pig's house made of bricks. 


He couldn't believe that his brother's were dead and eaten 

all because of my flu.

I wouldn't have believed it either 

if it wasn't for my stuffed tummy too. 


He told me that I was a big, bad wolf

and that I should just go away.

I told him I didn't plan to eat his brothers,

but it just happened that way. 


So as you can see it was all a big misunderstanding. 

I'm not mean or as ruthless as they say.

My neighbors never gave me any medicine either.

So I went home, sneezing along the way. 




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